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Devasya Exporters is one of the fastest growing exporters of stock lot papers for printers and converters. Our speciality is the grease proof paper, that makes us stand out from all others. As a relied upon Prime Speciality Brokerage in CANADA and USA, Devasya Exporters has a multitude of paper products that combine quality with the best prices. We specialize in prime and stock lot paper for our printers and converters. Our weekly offers include prime and job lots SBS board, linerboard, newsprint, LWC, MFC, wood free coated and uncoated among other qualities. Our paper punches easily and works well with a range of other products used with paper, including laminators, shredders, binding machines and decorative materials. This means dirt can be brushed away easily. we carry side trims of newsprint, LWC, and wood free coated papers. All prime material direct mill carries a mill warranty. We also have several mill alliances worldwide for prime and secondary job lots, our strengths being packaging boards and coated papers. Devasya Exporters success is owing to quality, low prices and word of mouth endorsements by satisfied customers.

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Our Mission.To Redefine your Brand

Our mission is to sell the best quality paper and board at the best price available to our clients. We only sell paper & board we would want to buy ourselves. We don't want to be the biggest merchant in the world, but to be the best.

Why choose Us?

What we Do.The range of organizations that can use our services as exporters for Canada and USA.

The company deals in a comprehensive variety and gradation of paper, such as Thermal Paper, Chromo Paper, Mirror Coat Paper, Kraft Paper, Tissue Facial, Airlaid, Silicon Paper (Release Liner) and Base Paper, Adhesive Paper, Color Paper Rolls (Dark and Light), PET, Metalized Paper & Board, Unprinted Plastic rolls Different Grades, Preprinted Kraft and SBS, Coated Woodfree Rolls / Uncoated Woodfree Rolls, SBS Boards Coated & Uncoated, Cup Stock, WS Chromo paper Transactional rolls.